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The "cheapest thing" is usually just that ------------ CHEAP!

If you want significance ... YOU GOTTA PAY FOR IT! To make

a few million, sometimes you have to spend a few thousand.



You're on the hunt right now, for a quick solution to your money

problems, and don't really know how to pick a winner, but I've got

answers ... Sometimes I get people who complain, saying that the

program is too expensive. And I'm like ------- WOW!


You actually THINK that $250 , $500 or even $1,000 is a lot of money?

If you're in this crowd, I'd like to give you some serious perspective ...




Your in a sling, and you need money right this minute. What do you do?




At your age, in this day and time, if you can't readily put your hands on

at least $10,000 to $20,000 to get yourself out of a jam ...

YOU SHOULD BE SCARED TO DEATH! Now, more than ever.


The world is NOT kind to people who have failed to prepare for unseen

circumstances. So forget about me and my program for a minute and

totally focus on exactly what it is you're saying:


"I'm living paycheck to paycheck and I don't have any extra money."

"I haven't saved a dime." "I only have enough money to eat and

pay my bills, and I barely have that -------- NOTHING MORE!"


 If all this is true, then tell me what your choices really are? --------




If you lost your job today, could you play around with some credit cards

for about (6) months until you got back on your feet? I'm talking about

having some high limit credit cards, where you can pull cash and write checks

 from them to pay your bills.


 I already know that 95% of people don't have that and the other 5% that do,

can't even use the credit line BECAUSE IT'S MAXED OUT! So let me ask you this ...


Do you have a savings account with at least 6 to 12 months of living expenses

saved up, just in case you lose your job? Do you have any stock you can sell?

Any high value items in your home that are not producing any money for you,

that can be sold quickly? Basically ... I'm asking how liquid are you?


How fast can you put your hands on some real cash to solve a problem?

If that's an uncomfortable question for you to answer, then again ...

YOU SHOULD BE SCARED TO DEATH! Now, more than ever.


Again I say, The world is not kind to people who have failed to prepare for

unseen circumstances. At your age, in this day and time, if you can't readily

put your hands on at least $10,000 to $20,000 ... YOU NEED this PROGRAM.



Because it makes absolutely no sense for you to work as hard as you do

and be in a position, where as a grown adult, you are FORCED TO BORROW

MONEY TO GET BY! I'm telling you ... I have people calling me who are in the

age ranges of 35 and up, who tell me that they are in serious financial trouble.


They can't even put their hands on $250-$500. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!

How in the world is that possible? You've been working pretty much all of

your adult life and you're telling me that you can't even walk into the bank

and pull out $250-$500 if you got into a jam?



Because all it would take is for life to throw you an unexpected curve ball and you'd

be in some serious trouble. WAKE UP CALL -------------- You don't have to join my program,

but you need to come to grips with this right now ..

When your income is ONLY PAYING THE BILLS and it doesn't allow you to save

any extra cash - this is the result:


1. You won't be able to save any extra money to protect yourself from

future problems, like losing your job or unexpected bills.


2. You won't have any extra money to take advantage of opportunities

that come your way or to splurge on stuff you really want to do or buy.

You will end up being in a position where you are working solely to pay bills

and that is a depressing situation to be in.


Especially because if you lose your job, you'll have nothing extra to carry you

until you find a NEW income. And who knows how long that will take.

Look ... This isn't about me or how expensive you think my program is.


If your thinking was accurate, we'd have been outta business a long time ago,

 but 2011  has marked 3 years for us and our prices have NEVER dropped! 95%

 of the people who join this program, are people who have to do some

"creative financing" to get involved and that's one of the reasons why they're here.


They are people looking for EXCESS MONEY! Lump sums of money that can sit in the bank AFTER all the bills are paid. I'm talking about being able to have an extra $5,000 + laying around in your checking account, after you've paid all your bills.


That's the big picture and my program can do that for you BECAUSE it's NOT cheap. We're not playing around with commissions of $40 here and a $100 there ... You're receiving $200 - $1,500 or more every single time someone joins from Your referral.

So if price doesn't scare you and building EXCESS CAPITAL is on your agenda, then I'd love to help you do that.

Send  Me a Facebook message... 

Call Me at 242-441-1362 , visit....


or email Me at Jonathan@Rip925.com 


You deserve the life of Your dreams,

To Your infinite success,

Jonathan Sweeting 

Only in the Bahamas , You can get robbed like this lol

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Scentsy review , how to sell and sponsor with zero resistence

In this Scentsy Review , I am going to let the cat out of the bag…


If You have been with this company for any period of time or are looking to join a network marketing company, there are a few things You just gotta know or have figured out already…


Number one, It ain’t no cake walk… Especially if You don’t know what You’re doing. You have got to learn the principles of marketing and the mechanics of how it all works online. What You will find , is that it’s not so different from marketing in the old tradition way offline.


Here’s a quick example…

When You are prospecting in a traditional way, You would probably approach someone, maybe a friend or co worker about a great opportunity right? You may be all excited and just talking about the compensation and the great products. How about that old ” hotel meeting invite ” lol…


It’s like no one cares , You say to Yourself… “Can they not see how good this scentsy opportunity is?” “What’s wrong with them right?”


Here’s the problem…

They are not Your target market. Here’s the thing, it’s all about timing, they may not be in a place where they are ready to look at what You have to offer and You can’t force them. Trying to do that, will only push them away even more and they will now avoid You ( friend gone ). It works similar online , rejections included but here’s the thing. You won’t even know You get rejected, here’s why…


Here’s what happens. Every time someone watches My video, they are going to take an action. One, They are either going to leave the video because they are not interested in what I have to say ( I just got rejected ) or two, they are going to say…

 ”Hey this makes allot of sense and I am going to visit the website that this guy is promoting.”

Basically that’s what happens every time. I was either rejected or I got a targeted visitor to look at My offer. I could be playing basketball or out to dinner, ok, ok, out drinking lol. None the less, I knew nothing of getting rejected.


Some people buy from Me, others say no ( without Me knowing ) either way I am getting No rejection. This type of marketing spoils You :) I love it and never market any other way. Why would You?


It’s a matter of fact, as I write this scentsy review ,people are viewing My videos right now, either rejecting Me or visiting My websites.


Did this scentsy review make sense to You so far?

Here’s the thing , some people don’t like change but it is some times necessary for Your business to grow. Everything will not work for everyone, so You have to find what works for You.


I mean come on… “Chasing friends and family to join Your scentsy business??” Really? Does that sound like anyway to build a business? Not to mention, it doesn’t work!


If this scentsy review helped You see the light and You are ready to recruit without having to pick up the phone or chase anyone ever again, then lets get started today…




Jonathan Sweeting, Connect with Your boy Jonathan Sweeting

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